Economical benefits of green roofs

The Economical Benefits of a Green Roof

Green roofs retain rainwater

Stormwater Management

Reduces immediate water run-off. The sewer pipes can be reduced in capacity.



Green roofs reduce renovation costs

Extending Roof Life

Protects the roof membrane from UV exposure, heat, cold and hail and mechanical damage.



Green roofs reduce energy costs

Improving Building Operations

Thermal protection in both summer and winter and reduction of heating and cooling costs.



Green roofs substitute lost areas of landscape

Substitute for Lost Areas of Landscape

Having a Green Roof means that the piece of land in question can be better utilised: the green roof can be taken into account as a substitute for sacrificed landscaped areas. This is often prescribed in the development plan.

Green roofs offer additional space

Providing Additional Space

Green Roofs offer additional space for numerous uses. Whether you want a relaxing garden, a playground or a golf course, it all can be achieved as part of the existing foot print.