Extensive Green Roof "Ornamental Sedum"

Extensive Green Roofs call for plant communities that can easily deal with sun, wind and drought. The system build-up “Ornamental Sedum” leads to an extensive Green Roof with sophisticated design and individual character. The growing medium has a minimum depth of 2.75 in and the vegetation consists of various species which provide a long blooming period and set different accents throughout the vegetation period.

Water and nutrients are mostly supplied through natural processes. Rainfall collects in the Floradrain® storage cells and roots are provided with water through diffusion. Water is also stored in the protection mat. Excess water is drained away by the Floradrain® element.

Sedum species and other perennials are primarily used as a ground cover. The vegetation of “Ornamental Sedum” is obtained by root ball plants. Hand-planting ensures that the design agrees with the landscaping drawings.

System Build-Up

  • 1: Plant Community “Ornamental Sedum”
  • 2: Growing Media “Zincoblend E”,
    depth: ca. 2.75 in. (ca. 70 mm)
  • 3: Filter Sheet SF
  • 4: Drainage Element Floradrain® FD 25-E
  • 5: Protection Mat SSM 45
  • 6: Root Barrier WSF 40 (optional)
System Build-Up
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6





Technical Data

Build-up height:
ca. 4 in.
Weight, saturated:
ca. 22 lbs/sq. ft.
Water storage capacity:
ca. 0.9 gal/sq. ft

Standard Architectural Details:
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Plant examples:
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