Roof Garden

“Roof Garden” is a multifunctional Green Roof system build-up with high water storage. Depending on the depth of growing medium, lawn, perennials, shrubs or small trees can be planted. This build-up allows for a variety of design concepts, even water features can be designed. Various combinations are possible, e.g. with walkways, patios, playgrounds or even driveways. Concrete foundations for kerbs, walls or furnishings without penetrating the waterproofing and unhindered drainage underneath the Floradrain® FD 60 neo are possible.

Within the Roof Garden, it is useful to store as much rainwater as possible to reduce the need for additional watering. The Floradrain® FD 60 neo drainage element allows very high water retention suitable for all aspects of diverse roof gardens. The water is stored across the roof area and reaches the plants by capillary action and diffusion. Water storage and irrigation from underneath, a so-called dam up irrigation can also be easily achieved by installing roof dam elements above the roof outlets. A roof laid at 0° fall is required to include this feature, along with a suitable waterproofing membrane. Inspection chambers allow for examination and maintenance of the roof dam elements at any time. With automatic irrigation machines, the water level of the dam up irrigation can be maintained even in periods of drought.

System Build-Up

  • 1: Plant layer according to plant list
  • 2: Growing Media “Zincoblend I”,
    depth: from 10 in. (ca. 250 mm)
    (For Substrate depth > 14 inch in combination with "Zincoblend M" as mineral sub-substrate)
  • 3: Filter Sheet SF
  • 4: Drainage Element Floradrain® FD 60 neo,
    filled with “Zincoblend M”
  • 5: Protection Mat ISM 50
  • 6: Root Barrier WSB 100-PO (optional)
System Build-Up
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6

Technical Data

Build-up height:
from 12 ½ in.
Weight, saturated:
from 87 lbs/sq. ft.
Water storage capacity:
from 3.5 gal/sq. ft.

Standard Architectural Details:
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