Business Principles

  • Sophisticated solutions for the integral utilisation of rooftops

ZinCo Green Roofing: An Ecological Aim – An Economical Method

ZinCo and its shareholdings and subsidiaries have been global pioneers in the field of green roofing since 1957, both in Germany and abroad. As a leading company in its field, ZinCo has specialised in sophisticated solutions for the integral utilisation of rooftops, as well as in project-specific detailed planning.  

It is exactly there, where unspoiled nature is being sacrificed for building developments, that Green Roofs are the ideal solution for counterbalancing the loss of natural habitats. To help replace the lack of natural habitats and the natural cycles that are lost with them, ZinCo provides tailor-made Green Roof systems, which are designed to meet the requests of the customers and the character of the roof in question. In cooperation with scientists and practitioners, a team of engineers is working constantly to continue to develop the systems.