Sloped Sedum

  • Steep pitched green roof with Sedum
  • Steep pitched green roof
  • Olive tree in front of a building with a pitched green roof

Sloped Green Roofs – How to Prevent Erosion and Transfer Shear Forces Safely

The system build-up “Sloped Sedum”, based on the ZinCo Georaster® elements, enables the installation of Green Roofs with slopes exceeding 20° and up to 35°. Above 35° special solutions can be designed by the ZinCo engineers.

The Georaster® elements are made of recycled polyethylene (HD-PE) and interlock without requiring tools, creating a stable structure. This structure is safely accessible and can be infilled with growing medium. The Georaster® elements cater for plenty of space for the plant root systems to establish and develop. The plant selection has to be well adapted to the extreme conditions of a sloped roof, where the solar radiation is the highest on the south facing roof side and the water run-off is much faster compared to a flat roof. The irrigation should be planned for, even if it is only needed in times of drought. It can avoid gaps in the vegetation coverage, which would lead to erosion. A transfer of existing shear forces into stable eaves and into additional shear barriers is necessary.

Georaster® elements can also be installed under reinforced lawns, footway constructions, in slope protection, etc.

Technical Data
Build-up height ca. 5 in.
Weight, saturated ca. 35 lbs/sq. ft.
Water storage capacity ca. 1.4 gal/sq. ft.

System Solutions for Sloped Green Roofs

General overview of various pitched green roof systems and the technology involved.

Number of pages
13 pages
Date of publication
May 2019
Specification Suggestions
System build-up



Grafik des Systemaufbaus
Plant Community “Sloped Sedum”
Growing Media “Zincoblend E” or “Zincoblend I”, depth: ca. 4.25 in. (ca. 110 mm), < 4/12 Zincoblend E, > 4/12 Zincoblend I
Drainage Element Georaster® Elements
Protection Mat WSM 150

Product Details

Plant Community “Sloped Sedum”

Growing Media “Zincoblend E” or “Zincoblend I”, depth: ca. 4.25 in. (ca. 110 mm), < 4/12 Zincoblend E, > 4/12 Zincoblend I

Product Image

System Substrate enriched with light weight aggregates for intensive green roofs in multiple layer build-up. The load is reduced by ca. 2 kg/m² per installed cm.

Drainage Element Georaster® Elements

Product Image

Grid element of recycled polyethylene, applicable shear force protection on pitched green roofs or used as reinforcement for pavings, etc.

Protection Mat WSM 150

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Non-rotting, needled fleece mat, made of recycled fibres. Especially suitable as water retention mat under pitched green roofs in combination with ZinCo Georaster®.

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The system solution shown relates to the green roof build-up in particular. The roof construction itself is only shown schematically and must be planned and executed according to specialist rules for waterproofed roofs.

  • Gypsophila repens
  • Sedum album
  • Phedimus floriferus
  • Campanula carpatica
  • Thymus
  • Phedimus spurius