Amenity Roofs

  • Roof garden with outdoor seating, lawn and plant beds
  • Roof garden with playground, lawn and running track

Amenity Roofs Add Real Estate Value and Help Realize One‘s Personal Lifestyle

The decision to buy or rent a unit in a certain condo building not only depends on location and price, but increasingly on the availability of amenities. Surveys show that people are willing to pay a premium to live in a building providing smartly chosen extra features when they help to realize their preferred lifestyle. Amenities growing in popularity are e.g. playrooms for children, multi-purpose rooms and gardens or outdoor gathering spaces. In big cities where space is scarce the latter ones are usually realized by landscaping the roof of an underlying building part or parking structures: Nearly everything which is fun on ground level is also possible on rooftops – from pool landscapes to sports courts, running tracks or pet parks to BBQ facilities and also quiet seating areas.