ZinCo Roof Greening Is a Mature Competence

2012 Move to new premises in 72622 Nuertingen, Germany.
2011 Launch of Vertigreen, system build-up for facade greening for indoor and outdoor areas.

Founding of LLC ZinCo Ukraine, Ukraine.

Launch of “Summer Plains”, the world's first system build-up for low-maintenance intensive Green Roofs with capillary irrigation.

Founding of ZinCo Italia srl, Italy.

2007–2018 Founding of ZinCo USA, Inc. and ZinCo Cubiertas Ecologicas S.L., Spain.
2003 Development and market launch of the Solar Base SB 200. Founding of ZinCo Singapore and ZinCo Denmark.
2002 Management-Buy-Out: ZinCo GmbH is taken over by Ulrich Schaefer, Dieter Schenk, Roland Appl and Frank Stribel.
2001 Founding of ZinCo Nederland B.V. Amsterdam.
1998 Development and market launch of Fallnet® fall protection system.
1995–1997 Expansion of export activities. The two German companies are merged to form ZinCo GmbH .
1992 Development and market launch of the Elastodrain® EL 200 drainage element (preceding the current Elastodrain® EL 202).
1990 Setup of a soil supply network and marketing of the growing medium Zincolit® that is made from recycled clay brick.
1987–1990 Founding of ZinCo AG Switzerland. Introduction of the Duo-Roof and Inclined Roof system build-ups with Floratherm® and Floraset®.
1980 Focus on ZinCo's core competence: Roof greening systems.
1978–1983 Market launch of Floradrain® FD 60 and FD 40 drainage elements.
1975–1976 Development and market launch of solar technology with Prof. Schoell (Dr. Engineering) from the University of Stuttgart.
1972 Innovation phase for the climate roof: From flat roof to roof garden. Public relations work on a broad front, integrating colleges and universities.
1968 The FZ rail is introduced and a sales organization is established for the EU region. Founding of Flachdach Zubehoer GmbH (Flat Roof Accessories GmbH).
1960 Specialization in two areas: building systems and flat roof work – with in-house production.
1957 A master craftsman shop is founded by Walter Zink in Unterensingen, Germany.