Driveways on Roofs and Plaza Decks

  • Driveways and parking spots on an underground garage deck

Driveways on Roofs and Plaza Decks – Heavy Duty Build-up Systems to Support High Loads

General Information Regarding Driveways on Rooftops

Wheel on StabilodrainLoads: Driveways on rooftops require both a stable construction and adequate load-bearing capacity. As wheel loads lead to enormous concentrated loads due to their relatively small surface area, sufficient load distribution has to be available. This can be achieved through the use of load-distributing plates or through sufficiently thick layers of growing medium.

Paved and vegetated areaEdging: Steering, breaking and accelerating on driveways can lead to enormous horizontal forces being created. In order to direct these forces away from the roof’s waterproofing, measures such as laying slip sheets may be required. The forces are then transferred into stable edging.

Paving stones Pavement: The stone thickness has to be properly calculated and should be selected in accordance with the loads. Lesser loads (e.g. cars only), do not call for the paving to be as strong as if used with higher loads. When both car and truck traffic occur, the rolling structural loads can lead to distortions. Selecting a larger stone thickness will result in a larger bearing surface between the stones, which will do more to counteract distortions.

System build-up

System build-up for driveways on rooftops

Technical Data
For light vehicles up to truck class 1:
Build-up height from 5 ½ in.
Weight, saturated from 58 lbs/sq. ft.
For trucks (class 2–8):
Build-up height from 11 ½ in.
Weight, saturated from 123 lbs/sq. ft.
Specification Suggestions
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