Recreational Park

  • Pathways, lawn and planting beds surrounded by residential buildings
  • Large planters with a variety of flowers along a pathway
  • Green courtyard with large trees, dense hedges and a pergola

The ZinCo System Build-Up “Recreational Park” turns Underground Garages into Parks

The “Roof Garden” System can also be installed on underground garage decks. Yet, due to the good accessibility and high load bearing capacity of the roof and building construction, it is more practical to use a stable and safe Green Roof system allowing for vehicular access. This is very useful especially when applying the growing media.

The heavy duty ZinCo Stabilodrain® SD 30 was specifically engineered to be applied on the roof of underground parking garages. It is designed to withstand heavy loads and dynamic forces and is a perfect base for a variety of walkways and driveways. Numerous possibilities exist and include anything from car parks, fire access roads, playgrounds to reinforced lawn and stone paving.

Stabilodrain® SD 30 drainage elements are extremely stable and trafficable, suitable for walkways and car traffic and, when infilled, even for wheel loader traffic during installation. At the same time, they ensure a safe drainage of any excess water. The system “Recreational Park” offers a wide variety of possibilities for planting and design.

Recreational Park (Hard landscape)

System build-up

Technical Data
Build-up height from 12 in.
Weight, saturated from 127 lbs/sq. ft.

Recreational Park (Soft landscape)

System build-up

Technical Data
Build-up height from 11 ½ in.
Weight, saturated from 81 lbs/sq. ft.
Water storage capacity: from 3.4 gal/sq. ft.

System Solutions for Intensive Green Roofs

General overview of various intensive green roof systems and the technology involved.

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16 pages
Date of publication
May 2019
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