Planning Tools for Green Roofs

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Downloads for Your Green Roof Project

In the Project Files section you will find all relevant information for the planning and implementation of your Green Roof project. Here, you have access to System Data Sheets with technical details and information about the various system build-up components, Specification Suggestions and a great variety of Standard Architectural Details in different formats.

Note that you must check local codes and requirements to ensure that the details comply with local regulations. Local requirements, different climate zones and weather conditions may require customization and adjustment.

The following eight systems are represented in both standard roof applications and also inverted roof applications:

  • Sedum Carpet System
  • Ornamental Sedum System
  • Sloped Sedum System
  • Perennial Garden System
  • Roof Garden System
  • Recreational Park System
  • Walkway System
  • Driveway System

Also, a broad spectrum of interesting projects are reflected in the Project Profile Data.

In the brochures section you will find all necessary Planning Guides and Product Data Sheets for the design of your Green Roof.

For additional information or special solutions you can always contact our engineers.

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