Hybrid Green Roofs

  • Meadow in full bloom and car parking on an underground garage deck
    Walkways and driveways on rooftops require well-engineered systems

Green Roof Hybrid Solutions

ZinCo has designed a range of fantastic hybrid solutions to push the boundaries of traditional Green Roof systems and increase the possibilities of what can be achieved on flat roofs. See for yourself!

Systems for Walkways and Driveways

Walkways on Roofs and Plaza Decks

Green roofs can be combined with paved areas for recreation or sporting surfaces. ZinCo provide well-engineered systems and accessories for all kinds of use.

Driveways on Roofs and Plaza Decks

ZinCo driveway systems meet all requirements and ensure durable functionality for use under driveways, fire brigade access or parking areas on roofs and plaza decks.

Recreational Park

The ZinCo System Build-Up “Recreational Park” turns underground garages into Parks.