“Technoseum”, Mannheim, Germany

Roof garden with vegetable patches, lawn and a wooden shed
project profile data
Area: ca. 5,400 sq. ft. (500 m²)
Construction Year: 1990
Architect/Design: Heinz Michel Architectural Office, Cologne
Contractor: Ingo Hoppmann, Sinsheim and Motz & Kadner, Mannheim
System Build-up: “Roof Garden” with Floradrain® FD 60
Project report

The roof garden of the “Technoseum” in Mannheim, formerly known as the “State Museum of Technology”, is located on the first floor roof of the building and is part of the exhibition. Originally a conventional three-year crop rotation was presented on the roof area, which later was turned into garden plots. The caretaker of the “Technoseum” maintains the roof garden affectionately so everything grows and prospers. He supplies the museum’s staff regularly with fruits and vegetables. As a basis for the green roof, first the drainage and water storage elements Floradrain® FD 60 were laid on the entire roof surface. The intensive green roof sub-strate was enriched by an additional layer of humus. The total substrate height varies between 8 and 28 in. (200 and 700 mm).

  • Roof garden with a  wooden shed, lawn and vegetable patches
    The roof area was divided into several zones and planted in different ways.
  • Roof garden with lawn, vegetable patches and a table with harvested vegetables
    The gardener’s imagination knows almost no limitations, even pumpkins and zucchini develop excellently at theroof garden.