Charlesview Residences, Boston

Courtyard with plant beds and small trees surrounded by residential buildings
project profile data


ca. 57,000 sq. ft. (5,300 m²)

Year of construction:


Landscape architect:

Stantec Planning and Landscape Architecture P.C., Boston


Xquisite Landscaping Inc., Stoughton

System Build-up:

“Recreational Park” with Stabilodrain®SD 30

Project report

Charlesview Residences, a mixed-use development in Boston’s Allston-Brighton, was designed to a LEED® Silver certifiable standard by CBT Architects and connected to the surrounding neighborhood by new streets and parks. It includes approx. 25,000 sq. ft. (2,250 m²) of space for commercial and community uses and underground parking for 243 vehicles. The green roof includes planted areas, walkways and driveways and was thus realized best with the “ZinCo Recreational Park” system. The core element of this build-up is the drainage element Stabilodrain® SD 30, an extremely stable and trafficable drainage element suitable for the installation of both hardscapes and softscapes. It allows wheel loaders to drive on it, e.g. during the base layer installation. Stabilodrain® elements easily bear the weight of the growing media plus plants and ensure at the same time an unhindered drainage of surplus water.

  • Green courtyard with shrubs and small trees surrounded by residential buildings
    The courtyard is designed to allow residents to stroll through.
  • Residential buildings around a courtyard with plant beds
    The planting areas have been separated from the hardscape areas by low curbs on one side and by benches on the other side.
  • Courtyard with Catmint plants and small trees
    The courtyard has been very well received by the residents and the community at-large.