Deutschlandradio, Cologne, Germany

project profile data
Area: Roof: ca. 36,600 sq. ft. (3,400 m²)
Courtyard: ca. 9,150 sq. ft. (850 m²)
Construction Year: 2004/2006
Architect/Design: Roof area: IFBA GmbH, Cologne
Courtyard: S.I.C. Ingenieur Consult GmbH, Cologne
Contractor: Roof area: Balan GmbH, Datteln
Courtyard: Gartenhof Küsters, Neuss
System Build-up: “Ornamental Sedum“  and “Perennial Garden”
Project report

The foundation of today’s public radio broadcaster “Deutschlandradio Köln” was a special chapter in the German broad-casting history. In 1994 three formerly independent broadcasting stations were united to the German international broad-caster “Deutschlandradio”. The rooftop of the Deutschlandradio”-building was vegetated extensively. The system build-up “Ornamental Sedum“ with the proven drainage element Floradrain® FD 25-E was perfectly suitable for this purpose. For the two courtyards the system build-up “Perennial Garden” was used including the drainage element Floradrain® FD 40-E. Apart from ground covering perennials the plant community “Perennial Garden“ includes accents such as fragrant herbs as and small shrubs like thyme, oregano and lavender.

  • Courtyard with wooden deck, seating, gravel and plantbeds
    The large courtyard was provided with a wooden deck and seating-accommodations for the employees.
  • Plantbeds and gravel
    Art objects are surrounded by lavender and shrubs.
  • Courtyards with walkways and plant beds
    Mixing various walkway materials adds contrast.
  • Two men standing on an extensive green roof
    The rooftop was vegetated extensively.