MAG-Galleries, Geislingen, Germany

Roof garden with lawn and a basketball court
project profile data
Area: Intensive: ca. 58,200 sq. ft. (5,400 m²)
Extensive: ca. 28,000 sq. ft. (2,600 m²)
Construction Year: 2002
Client: Kaufland Stiftung, Neckarsulm
Architect/Design: Häring und Zoller architects BDA, Stuttgart
Contractor: Gardener Gröning, Goeppingen
System Build-up: with Floradrain® FD 40-E
Project report

In order to blend in the new 107,700 sq. ft. (10,000 m²) MAG galleries shopping development with the historic town of Geislingen, a design competition was commissioned. The winning design provides the people of Geislingen with a new public recreational area, with easy access via lifts, stairs, footbridges and ramps. The intensive green roof vegetation (seeded lawn, perennials, shrubs and trees) developed very quickly due to the efficiency of the irrigation system. In the meantime, the climbing plants covered the vertical lattices and fences which separate the intensive areas from the extensive. The extensive vegetation (applied by hydroseeding) will achieve 60 % ground coverage after two growing cycles.

  • Stair leading up to a roof garden with lawn, bushes and shrubs
    The recreational area is easy accessable via lifts, stairs, footbridges and ramps
  • Roof garden with a playground
    Playing facilities, a basketball court and park benches invite for a stay.