Office Building NLC 6+8, Santiago de Chile, Chile

Sedum roof with skylights
project profile data
Area: 3,500 sq. ft. (320 m²)
Construction Year: 2010
Client: Echeverria Izquierdo; Ingenería y Construcción SA.
Architect: Luis Corvalan and A4 Architects
Contractor: Hábitat Sustentable Ltda.
System Build-up: with Floradrain® FD 25-E
Project report

The office building designed by Luis Corvalan and A4 Architects has 23 floors and is the first and only project of this scale as part of the urban renewal of Santiago de Chile. Special emphasis in the design of the new district “Nueva las Condes” was given to its integration into the environ-ment. The buildings form a large place, called “La Plaza de la Palabra”. This “Place of the Word” again forms the central point of the “Gran Boulevard Peatonal”, a large pedestrian zone, which extends between the other buildings under construction. The generously ornamentally designed green roof is located on a lower connecting building and is therefore clearly visible from the office towers.

  • Sedum vegetation on a roof
    The entire surface beneath is covered with Floradrain® elements.
  • Worker distributing gravel and substrate on a rooftop
    The growing media and the gravel are distributed evenly all over the roof surface.
  • Sedum vegetation
    The plants form a dense carpet of leaves in various shapes and colours.