The Philadelphian, Philadelphia, PA

Sedum roof surrounded by condominiums
project profile data
Area: ca. 10,000 sq. ft. (ca. 1,000 m²)
Renovation: 2015
Contractor: United States Roofing Corporation
System Build-up: “Ornamental Sedum” with Floradrain®FD 40-E on inverted roof

The Philadelphian Condominiums complex was built in the 1960’s and is situated just opposite the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Recently the unsightly, poor draining and leaking black roof has been renovated and turned into attractive greenery. As Philadelphia’s old sewer system is undersized for heavy rain events, Philadelphia has developed an innovative 25-year storm water plan. Among other measures it heavily promotes green roofs by providing substantial incentives to condominium property owners for the implementation of functional Stormwater Management Projects (SMPs) and by reducing their monthly stormwater management service charges. The Condo Association in turn has gained an increased property value and energy efficiency plus a 25 year leak free warranty for their roof.

  • Sedum roof surrounded by condominiums
    Besides the reduction of water runoff, the green roof also enhances the visual appearance of the surface.
  • Sedum vegetation
    Inspection chambers allow easy access to roof outlets.
  • Sedum mats
    Most of the roof area was planted with pre-cultivated plant mats