Rooftop Farm in Zuidpark, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Large landscaped roof with plant beds and walkways
project profile data
Area: ca. 32,300 sq. ft. (3,000 m²)
Year of construction: 2012
Architect/Design: Biet & Boon, Amsterdam
Contractor: Van der Tol b.v., Amsterdam
System Build-up: “Urban Rooftop Farming” and “Sedum Carpet” with Fixodrain® XD 20
Project report

The “Zuidpark”, originally dating from the 70ies and consisting of two office buildings was renovated completely and adapted to today’s technical standards in 2012. The parking lots in front of the complex are even equipped with a charging station for electric cars. Besides these aspects, the flat green roof plays an important role regarding sustainability. Fruits and vegetables are grown on the approximately 100 × 330 ft. (30 × 100 m) large roof. The staff of this commercial complex has the possibility to grow and maintain their own fruits and vegetables on one part of the roof surface. On the rest of the surface, vegetables are also grown and are used in the company canteen. Here the system build-ups “Urban Rooftop Farming” on the proven Floradrain® FD 40-E element as well as “Sedum Carpet” with Fixodrain® XD 20 were applied.

  • Artichokes and other plant beds on a rooftop
    Even artichokes are grown in the vegetable gardens of the rooftop farm.
  • Raised plant beds and Sedum plant beds on a roof
    Floradrain® FD 40-E was applied on the raised plant beds.
  • Benches and tables on a roof
    The rooftop farm can be used for both, for lunch and for corporate events.