WGV-Insurance, Stuttgart, Germany

Green courtyard with planters
project profile data
Area: Courtyard: 17,800 sq. ft. (1,650 m²)
Roof: 21,600 sq. ft. (2,000 m²)
Construction Year: 2008
Architect/Design: Kunder³ Landscape Architecture, Stuttgart
Contractors: Courtyards: Uecker + Pfaff GmbH
Roof areas: Garten Moser, GmbH & Co. KG
System Build-up: with Stabilodrain® SD 30, Elastodrain® EL 202, Elefeet® and others
Project report

In 2008 the new building of the WGV-Insurance has been opened in Stuttgart. Since then customers and employees of the WGV have enjoyed the beautiful courtyards which contribute to a good working environment. The approx. 3.6 ft. (1.1 m) high, built-in planters have been provided with an automatic irrigation system with the irrigation pipes installed below the elevated concrete slabs. The four courtyards have been planted with a total of 58 small crowned trees. In addition, several extensive green roof areas of approx. 21,600 sq. ft. (2,000 m²) total were installed to improve the Stuttgart climate.

  • White tulips and bench infront of a building
    One of the green roof areas during the first tulip blossom.
  • Green courtyard with planters
    The view into the green courtyards improves the working environment.
  • Courtyard with small trees in planters and water feature
    Water features add to a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Courtyard with small trees in planters
    The planters have been provided with an automatic irrigation system.
  • Bench beside white tulips and Vinca Alba
    White flowered tulips and Vinca brighten up the courtyards.