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“Like-A-Leaf“ refers to the extraordinary architectural design of the new playhouse in Plaswijckpark, Rotterdam, which it is incorporated into the surrounding landscape just “like a leaf”. The ZinCo green roof systems that are used are specifically designed to suit the site and are adapted to the varying roof pitches.
The green roof of the new Visitor Centre in the VanDusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver has a green roof shaped like an orchid. As the roof pitch ranges from 2° to 55 °, different greening solutions were required. They were implemented safely and in line with the specific project requirements thanks to ZinCo technology.
ZinCo green roof technology provided the basis for the permanent establishment of vegetation typical to the location on the rooftop of the Gallie Craig Coffee House in Scotland.
The green roof system manufacturer ZinCo offers various types of drainage elements. Different roof situations and different requirements concerning the plant level often require special solutions.

Green roofing plays an important role at Schiphol Airport. While the central departure terminal, Schiphol Plaza, has had an extensive green roof since the 1980s it was now in need of restoration. It was decided from the start that this newly-restored roof would also be protected by a green roof. The photovoltaic system integrated into the green roof provides added value. Schiphol Airport is now the first building in the Netherlands to combine solar energy and green roofing.

ZinCo green roof system build-ups provide the right foundation for carrying out any and all design wishes on the roof areas of New Providence Wharf in London.
The sophisticated and well-engineered ZinCo systems provide a permanent reliable basis, even for rooftop farming.

The Polish city of Bialystok has a building that will take your breath away. The new Opera and Philharmonic Centre, European Centre for the Arts, with a built area of about 9,500 m², is the largest such building in the Eastern part of Europe. Bialystok is near the Belarusian border and about 180 km north-east of the capital, Warsaw. It has a population of just under 300,000 and is the regional capital of the Woiwodschaft (administrative district) Podlaskie.

Since 2009, the Science and Technology Park Adlershof in Berlin has been home to the new headquarters of the solar technology company, SOLON SE, combining offices and manufacturing facilities under one roof. SOLON SE is one of the largest manufacturers of solar modules in Europe, creating solar system technology for large-scale roof areas and greenfield sites. The vaulted triangular form of this office building, its roof sloping downwards in a south-easterly direction, is architecturally impressive.

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